BizBridge: Own Your Future

We’re built to span history’s greatest transition of business ownership, where one generation’s retirement is another’s pathway to wealth.

We’re finance, deals, legal, real estate, and technology experts who’ve re-imagined how small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are sold and bought through our AI-powered platform – making deals easier, happier, and more affordable.

We’re a movement wrapped in technology, where our mission is to enable “ownership for anybody”.


Creating happier deals experiences for everyone

SMB Owners: the selling journey, simplified

Get support across the start-to-finish journey across planning, marketing, due diligence, and deal closure with your best-match buyer.


Buyers: discover ready-to-sell businesses

Find and get notified about the businesses which fit your deal profile and have done the homework to get deal-ready.


Service Providers: help at the right time and place

List your company profile, create specific offerings to sellers and/or buyers, and place them at the right point in the selling/buying journey.


We span the end-to-end journey


Guided Workflows

SellerSpan™ : Our step-by-step workflow from start-to-finish to sell your business, supported by our AI experts.



We’ve redesigned the pre-NDA and post-NDA sites to, enhance the profile and beauty of your business to buyers.


Buyer-Seller Matching

QualiBuy™ : Our seller-buyer scoring algorithm gives you more control by seeing match scores and profiles of interested buyers to decide who proceeds.


Access Enhanced Support

Professional Services Marketplace: easily onboard and access preferred rates from vetted lawyers, accountants, M&A advisors, and more

Supported by our AIgents 24/7


Finn the Finance AIgent

Trained on accounting, finance, and valuations of SMBs


Dylan the Broker AIgent

Trained on the process and strategies of exiting & selling SMBs


Sharon the Buyer AIgent

Trained on M&A and deal-making to support buyers

AIgents are for informational purposes and do not provide legal, financial, tax, or other professional advice.

Our AIgents learn rom your business and our expertise


Why BizBridge?

Our platform empowers sellers and buyers to execute deals with less friction, time, and costs


Business Broker

Seller Success Fee




Personalized platform for sellers, buyers, and professional services providers

Guidance to sellers; referral networks for buyers and providers


Multi-sector, multi-capability expertise, multi-market

Limited sector, narrow capability, and localized expertise



On their terms and time

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Experience faster, easier, happier deals


The short answer: it depends. Some deals can be done in a couple months, some may take a year or more. Factors influencing selling time include:
  • Mental, administrative, and operational preparedness of the seller to sell (we can help you assess your readiness, and get you onto a plan to get ready);
  • Complexity of the business, its industry, and its market;
  • The readiness of the marketing, sales, and deal documents (SellerSpan™and our AIgents help you along the way!);
  • Valuation fairness and deal flexibility;
  • Accessibility to quality buyers (QualiBuy™helps you identify those);
  • Commitment to the process and progress, etc.

We have observed through our optimized process a reduction in waiting and processing time for steps in the deal by 20-50% or more.
We reduce the time and effort of intermediaries through technology, allowing us to automate, streamline, and optimize the path to saleability. We pass those technology-unlocked savings onto our business sellers, allowing them to enjoy more of it in their retirement or next step in their journey.
The platform nor our AIgents provide valuations, legal, tax, or financial advice. Our platform does offer information to help you identify and assess options, learn from best practices, and leverage tools and templates to empower you to make your own decisions. However, if you do want professional advice or support, we’ve built relationships with reputable professional service providers who are offering preferred rates to BizBridge users. You can find them in our provider marketplace or their “packages” - specific offerings they've embedded into the SellerSpan journey so you can request the support at the right time and place.
We focus on small-to-medium businesses who typically fit this criteria:
  • Valuation of $500,000-$5,000,000CAD (Approx. annual revenue of $750K+);
  • All sectors except virtual-only, such as software-as-a-service, dropshipping, e-commerce storefronts; we typically serve brick-and-mortar businesses like retail, restaurant, manufacturing, and personal service businesses;
  • Owner is exiting due to retirement or relocation;
  • Business that have been in operation for at least 5 years

If you don’t quite fit into this, but are still interested - Sign Up regardless and we can help you assess your options.
Other business marketplaces like BizBuySell, allow anyone to list their business - whether they’re saleable or not. That’s why it’s believed 1 in 20 businesses on these marketplaces sell. Other marketplaces focus on the buy-side, supporting M&A and deals professionals. We want to equip business owners who lack deals expertise with the knowledge and AIgentic support to put their best foot forward and improve the quality, experience, and value they get in the deal.
Sellers can list their businesses on the platform by providing detailed information such as financial data, operational metrics, and business assets. The platform analyzes this information to create accurate business profiles, showcased to potential buyers.
Ultimately, we are seeking best-match buyers for our sellers, which may come in various shapes, experiences, and forms (including individuals seeking to become owner-operators, strategic buyers, or investor groups). Our QualiBuy™ tool helps sellers define what they’re looking for and lets you express your best self to the seller and stand out amongst the crowd of buyers. We want our sellers to be confident in their buyers, and for our buyers to turn their new business into an even bigger success!
As it currently stands, Buyers pay 1% of the transaction price (which is half the current market fee of 2%).
Professional services providers play a critical role where the seller or buyer is seeking additional hands-on support. Our focus is on the following types of providers who have experience in small-to-medium businesses in Canada:
  • Lawyers and legal services: including M&A, legal due diligence, contracts, and other business support
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services: providing basic bookkeeping,
  • Tax, estate, and financial planning professionals professionals: providing personal and business advice
  • Professional valuators and appraisers: for businesses, tangible and intangible assets, as well as real estate
  • M&A Advisors and investment banking professionals: to coach business buyers on the acquisition and due diligence process

Professional services providers negotiate referral fees with our partnerships team directly, if selected to be one of our curated providers. Sign Up and our team will be in touch with you.
Great! We are limiting the number of business brokers we support at the moment due to popular demand, however, you can setup a meeting with our team to assess the fit with BizBridge, how we can support you, and how well our goals/values align. Contact us at

Built by a team of professionals with SMBs in their DNA


Randall Baran-Chong, CPA, CA


Multi-founder, grandson of a Chinese-Canadian restaurateur


Winston Edwards Jr.


Multi-founder creator and architect, son of a global export business owner


Albert Nam


Founder of NAMA Group (A Royal LePage Signature Realty Brokerage)


Alexander DiGiovanni, JD

General Counsel

Managing Partner, Pando Law & former startup founder